These units utilize the Toshiba R410A rotary compressor, which is world renowned for their reliability and efficiency levels.

*Remote control / Wireless options


Slim Design, Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioning, Indoor & Outdoor Models, Cool Air (only), Auto Changeover, Dehumidifying capacity, single User Mode, Zero Standby Power – Energy Star, Silent Mode, Good Sleep Mode, 2 Step cooling – Fast Cool Mode, Comfort Cool Mode, Easy clean filter, Full HD Filtration, Silence mode, Double louvers, Convenient installation and maintenance.

Product Description Compressor Warranty Parts Warranty ETL ETLc
9,000 BTU Single Zone 3 Years 2 Years Yes Yes
12,000 BTU Single Zone 3 Years 2 Years Yes Yes
18,000 BTU Single Zone 3 Years 2 Years Yes Yes
24,000 BTU Single Zone 3 Years 2 Years Yes Yes


ON/OFF Operating Mode, Fan Speed, Airflow, Temperature SettingYou can start or stop the air conditioner by pressing his button.
MODE Button This button allows you to select different operation modes in the following order:AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, FAN, AUTO
TEMPRATURE Setting Sets the temperature for a single unit.Range of temperature setting in 1F increments: Auto/Cool/Dry: 65°F-86°F Heat: 61°F - 86°F
SPEED Button Models with 3 air flow speed settings: High/Mid/Low/Auto
STRONG Button Use this button only when you are in either Cooling or Heating Mode to reach the highest cooling or heating. The fan will adjust to High Fan.
FEELING Button This button will show on the LCD the actual room temperature when you press the Feeling Button. This function does not work in Fan Mode.
HEALTH Button You can start or stop 'HEALTH' function bypressing this button.The air conditioning can set the temperature based on the environment and create a comfortable surroundings and body temperature.
SLEEP Button Setting the sleep mode will increase the temperature by 1C every hour on the hour. The air-conditioner runs on sleep mode for 7 hours and stops automatically.
TIMER Button When your remote is in off mode press the 'Timer' button. The time settings ranges from 0.5 Hr. to 24 Hr. By pressing the " + " or " - " buttons to increase and decrease until you select your desired time. Press the Timer Button again to set the timer.
CLEAN Button Press the Clean button only when the A/C is in OFF MODE. This function takes 35 minutes. The purpose of this function is to clean dust and to dry the inside of the evaporator to prevent mold.
SCREEN Button By pressing the " + " or " - " buttons you can set the temperature range from 16C to 32C. The LCD display will change once you select the Screen Button.
SWING Button Press this button to change the direction of the wind horizontal wind vanes until you are satisfied with the wind direction.
DUST Button This button is invalid.
FUNGUSPROOF Button This A/C has a special dry and anti-mold function. The purpose of this function is to dry the inside of the evaporator to avoid mold due to water.

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