ALL New Pearl Mini Split Ultimate Cooling Design. The Pearl and Whisper mini splits have been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. This unique triangular design has a wider inlet, allowing more air to be drawn in. The improved width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades and a bigger fan also ensure air is cooled and delivered faster and farther than a conventional system. With either the Pearl or Whisper, fresh, cool air reaches every corner of the room, avoiding annoying blind spots.


  • 9,000 BTU Single Zone, 12,000 BTU Single Zone
  • Compressor Warranty 5 Years, Parts Warranty  3 Years
  • The Triangle – Ultimate Cooling Design.
  • Ultimate Heating Design – On a cold day you want to get warm fast. The Pearl and Whisper quickly distributes comforting warm air to every corner of your room.
  • WiFi Control
  • Allows control of system on a local network via Wi-Fi or through the internet when outside of home/office with Samsung’s “Smart Air Conditioner” app (available in Android and Apple app stores).
  • Basic control and monitoring of: power, mode, set temperature, room temperature, fan speed, energy use, and louver swing.
  • Timer ON and OFF feature allows scheduling of power ON and power OFF events on specific days at specific times.
  •  “My Wind” functions allows the user to save common air conditioner control configurations for quick and easy system operation (mode, set temperature, fan speed, and louver swing). Air filter reminder option will display hours of fan operation since last filter reminder reset.
  •  Optional filter reminder with four reminder intervals (180, 300, 500, and 700 hours of fan operation).
  • Error notification
  • System energy consumption history and adjustable threshold notification viewable with mobile app.

Convenience Features

  • Auto restart
  • Digital display on the front of indoor unit (hidden behind louver when off) to display temperature and service codes
  • “Fast Comfort” mode to quickly reach set temperature
  • Auto changeover
  • 24 hour, single event timer
  • Good’ sleep mode
  • Quiet mode
  • Dry mode
  • Single event, ON/OFF timer
  • Single User Mode to reduce energy consumption during low demand operation
  • Air filter cleaning can be done easily without opening the indoor unit
  • Filter cleaning reminder indicator
  • Display ON/OFF and beep ON/OFF with wireless controller
  • Smart install mode – startup system diagnostics operation to ensure system readiness
  • This slim silhouette wall-mounted indoor unit comes with a standard wireless controller.

* This slim silhouette wall-mounted indoor unit comes with a standard wireless controller.

Simple Wireless Remote Controller
ON/OFFRun and stop operation
ON/OFF Timer
  • Single event ON/OFF timer
  • Setting range: 0 ~ 12 hours
Operation Mode
  • Switches between Auto/Cool/Dry/Fan/Heat
  • Single User mode
  • Fast Comfort mode
Temperature Setting
  • Sets the temperature for a single unit.
  • Range of temperature setting in 1F increments:
    • Auto/Cool/Dry: 65°F-86°F
    • Heat: 61°F-86°F
Fan Speed Setting
  • Models with 3 air flow speed settings:
    • High/Mid/Low/Auto
ErrorWhen an error is currently occurring on an air conditioner unit, the afflicted unit and the error code are displayed
Option Code EditingAllows user/installer to modify operation option codes and system settings

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Samsung Mini Split Full Brochure

WIFI Access Manual