Samsung – MSP Duct

Product Description Compressor Warranty Parts Warranty ETL ARI Model#
36,000 BTU Single Zone Ducted Type Heat Pump 5 Years 3 Years Yes Yes DH105CAV
48,000 BTU Single Zone Ducted Type Heat Pump 5 Years 3 Years Yes Yes DH140CAV
*Remote control Wired/ Wireless options Smart Inverter Save, Save and Save with Samsung’s Smart Inverter. When reducing energy costs with an air conditioner, and inverter is a must. Samsung’s S-Inverter technology lowers energy consumption by up to 50% compared to a conventional air conditioner. Its powerful and delicate features allow you to reach the desired temperature so there’s less fluctuation and less motor run-time, which translates to a quieter system and less wasted energy. Comfortable Temperature Samsung’s air conditioner works at maximum capacity on start-up. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it adjusts to cope with any changes. This means less temperature fluctuations and assures you greater comfort, which can be achieved in minutes. Up to 50% Energy Savings After reaching the set temperature, the Air Conditioner changes its operation mode to ‘economic’. By avoiding inefficient and frequent switching on and off of the compressor, the Vivace saves up to 50% in energy consumption, compared to a non inverter air conditioner. The Air Conditioner is extremely efficient in saving energy and money. Silence is Golden Enjoy the silent operation of your air conditioner. The compressor works at a low speed to maintain the temperature resulting in a quieter motor and minimal fan noise assuring greater comfort and peace of mind. Samsung’s Ducted series air conditioners are equipped with Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology which is a combination of cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance characteristics. Fast and powerful cooling and heating are achieved with minimum power consumption. As a result, your electric bills are greatly reduced compared to other conventional systems while the extraordinary comfort that you’ve come to expect from Samsung is maintained. Smart Inverter air conditioners from Samsung are the perfect choice for those who appreciate high performance and energy conservation. High Head Drain Pump (optional) This drain pump lifts condensate up to 29 1/2 inches, allowing for flexible and simple installation. Slim Design (optional) At only 7 7/8 inches thick, this slim design makes installation, maintenance and repair simple and worry free. Flexible Installation The air inlet can be set up on either the bottom or the rear of the unit, allowing for more flexible installation options. Smart Pressure Control The Smart Pressure Control system adjusts fan speed according to external pressure so the air conditioner always gives you consistent cooling and heating, regardless of the surrounding environment. Versatility These Ducted systems are more versatile than Cassette Mini Splits as they allow the location of the Indoor Unit to be selected to best suit the installation, and the location of the supply and return registers can be chosen to suit the room layout, providing an enhanced comfort level and preventing short cycling of the system. Easy Maintenance Both systems are built with easily accessible parts for easy maintenance. Low Noise Levels Units are designed to minimize noise levels for both indoor and outdoor units. Click here to view products.

Samsung – MSP Duct – Manual (Downloadable)

Samsung – MSP Duct – Manual