DVM S is a highly innovative system that adopts the new 3rd generation SSC (Samsung Scroll Compressor) technology. With its Dual Smart Inverter, DVM S provides the world, top class energy efficiency and the most powerful cooling and heating performance. This is the perfect air conditioning system that satisfies all types of environments, including large buildings.


  • Quick Cooling & Heating provides quick coding and heating performance.
  • Quiet Operation for night time feature lasts 12 hours, allowing you to rest in peace during the night.
  • The 3rd Generation Technology adopts dual inverter compressors and an upgraded vapor injection system which surpasses the performance of
  • Dual Smart Inverter has both compressors operate simultaneously, and it provides balanced oil distribution, quick cooling and heating, and better energy efficiency.
  • The 3rd Generation Vapor Injection System within the compressor increases the refrigerant flow rate by 20% compared to the conventional products..
  • Enhanced Compressor Durability in DVM S Dual Smart Inverter system, each compressor operates in unison with the other so the overall compressor durability is preserved for a longer time.
  • Peak Power-Demand Control DVM S can control peak current and power consumption. This is especially useful when the supply of electricity is insufficient or when you want to block excessive energy use.


  • Energy Efficient Product
  • *Remote control WIFI/ Wired/ Wireless options
  • Compressor Warranty 5 Yr., Parts Warranty 3 Yr.
  • Available capacities: 69,000 BTU, 92,000 BTU, 114,000 BTU, 138,000 BTU, 160,000 BTU, 184,000 BTU, 207,000 BTU, 229,000 BTU , 253,000 BTU, 276,000 BTU, 298,000 BTU, 320,000 BTU, 345,000 BTU, 367,000 BTU, 391,000 BTU, 414,000 BTU, 434,000 BTU, 455,000 BTU, 480,000 BTU, 500,000 BTU
  • Innovative Technology
  • Quick Cooling & Heating
  • Enhanced Compressor Durability
  • The 3rd Generation Vapor Injection System
  • Peak Power-Demand Control
  • Dual Smart Inverter
  • Wide Operating Temperatures
  • High Efficiency
  • Refrigerant PCB Cooling System
  • Auto Oil Balancing
  • Smart Management
  • Flexible Installation
  • Self-diagnosis Mode
  • Quiet Operation for night time
  • Large Oil Storage Capacity
  • Comfortable & Reliable Operation
  • Easy Access
  • Heat Recovery
  • DVM S – SMART MANAGEMENT  management is easy and convenient with the ability to control the system with your smart phone or tablet PC.
  • Wifi Monitoring System with S-Checker, DVM S can be monitored by computers and hand held devices.
  • Self-diagnosis Mode monitors the operation status and displays an error code in response to any sign of abnormal operation, making it easier to solve any problems with the system.
  • Reduced Commissioning Time with S-Checker, the commissioning time for DVM S has shortened considerably from days to a mere 50 minutes, and the test results are automatically stored and reported wirelessly.
  • Automatic Data Backup if a malfunction occurs with the DVM S outdoor unit, the last 30 minutes of operation data are stored for automatic data backup.