Products For All Corrosion & Rust

Automotive & Vehicle

Rust on your precious 4×4, caravan or boating equipment can be a real issue for many people. We offer removal and protection solutions to guarantee your pride and joys stay in showroom condition

Household Purpose

Whether its corroded window a/c units, stainless steel that needs repairing, corroded metal door frames, or any other household metal issues, Action Corrosion can keep your house clean and protected from all types of corrosion.

HVAC-R Protection

Action Corrosion are the leaders in offering protective applications for HVAC units throughout Australia and the United States. Protect your P.C Boards from Vermin, Geckos and Water today with our HVAC-R Solutions

Why Action Corrosion?​

Action Corrosion specializes in commercial rust removal and ongoing protection against rust.

On projects we use our own products which are manufactured in Australia. Their rust removers and anti-corrosion coatings are the very best available worldwide today.

Projects that have completed over the years include, yacht clubs, resorts, bowls clubs, high rise unit blocks, desalination plants, sand mining extraction units, motor homes, off road vehicles, coastal caravan parks, slipways, beach front homes, airports, surf clubs, cranes and trucks for the mining industry, bridges and other structures.


Listing of products that Sub Zero will carry (need to get from Troy)


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